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Land for Sale in Chiang Mai

As well as designing and building residential homes and luxury villas, we have extensive experience in design, construction, and marketing of a very successful 5 star health spa retreat and retirement community here in Chiang Mai. ( “Spa Resorts Chiang Mai”and “The Residences @ Spa Chiang Mai”)

Our company was instrumental in all stages of development and marketing of this world class project. From locating and purchasing of the land, setting up legal structures for our foreign clients, and assisting in title transfers, through to design and construction of the entire project. And perhaps most importantly to our clients,we implemented  an extremely effective and highly successful marketing program.

Our services in these areas are available to developers and investors on a consultant basis.

Land for Sale

We are not a traditional real estate service. We do not rent, lease or sell homes. We do however offer complete assistance in land purchases. We have in house staff and legal associates  that are experts in locating, negotiating costs, transferring land title, and  setting up a legal structure whereby foreigners are able to purchase land in Thailand.

Whether your looking for a small lot for a private estate or several rai (1/2 acre) for a commercial development, our resources are at your service.

the Thai Real Estate Market

Unlike the real estate market you may be familiar with “back home” the Thailand real estate market is highly unregulated. In fact there are no government requirements or licenses  required  to operate a real estate business in Thailand.That means anyone can be a realtor here with no qualifications. Needless to say “Caveat emptor” should be your guide.

Also of interest is that  there is no requirement for sellers to sign an  “Exclusive Listing Contract” which means the  seller can offer a property for sale on a non exclusive basis and is only required to pay a commission if a salesman makes the introduction.The potential advantage to the buyer is that if you have the opportunity to deal directly with the owner of the land you can likely negotiate a better price. ( discounted by at least the commission he would have to pay the real estate salesman)

We charge no commission for our services.
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