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Process of Building a House in Chiang Mai, Thailand
The process of building a house is easier than you think and is done in seven simple steps. We will guide you along the way to make sure you feel comfortable througout the whole process.
process_buy_house_thailand_1You decide to take the plunge. Your finally going to build that dream home in Thailand.
process_buy_house_thailand_2You come by for an initial meeting where we discuss your ideas, maybe you have some drawings ….maybe not. If not we come up with a few rough sketches.
process_buy_house_thailand_3You pay a 10,000 baht architects fee for a series of drawings consisting of a detailed floor plan, front, rear and side elevations.
process_buy_house_thailand_4We schedule an appointment to go over the plans and change / modify / upgrade/ etc.
process_buy_house_thailand_5Once drawings are finalized we discuss budgets and show you a list of materials for different grades of finishing. We agree on a price. Architect does final working plans. You pay additional 20,000 architect fee when completed.
process_buy_house_thailand_6We sign a construction management contract with a 25% deposit and begin construction.
process_buy_house_thailand_76 – 8 months later you move into you new custom dream home and live happily ever after.

Thats it!

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